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This poem is really beautiful, in a sad way. I'm not trying to convince you into thinking …

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© Christina

Published: Jun 2008

What Would You Do

You look at her and call her a whore
when she is fighting in this secret war.
you do not know what she has been through,
but with the most sincere regret I do.
I cried with her every night
but then one day she gave up the fight.
the truth of the story is that she was not a whore
it was without consent that he came through her door.
there was nothing she could do or say
he pushed her out of his way
she tried to scream and shout as loud as she could
but it didn't do her any good.
Once everything was said and done
9 months later she had a son.
She could never get past the pain
so here in front of me she lays
there's a hole through her head as she lies in a pool of red.
There is nothing that you can do or say
For she has long gone away


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  • by England
  • May 2013

This poem is really beautiful, in a sad way.
I'm not trying to convince you into thinking I've been through this, I just feel like I know what it's like going through such things.
Stay strong, love.


  • by Stephanie
  • Dec 2011

This story hit my heart; I know what it's like to go through that pain and no matter how much you run it will follow you. Too many people out there go through the pain and I have thought the same but we are all victims of this pain. I wish I would have been there, to tell her how I felt and that she wasn't the only one suffering of this pain.


  • by Rebecca Lucas
  • Jun 2011

This poem is amazing , I had a friend about six months ago who decided suicide was the choice . It still haunts me to this very day :( she was an amazing person and always there for anyone who needed help. She didn't deserve to be called what she did or put through what she was put through (: But she still lives here within this earth and always will. Your poem has touched my heart and hers as well thank you .


I had shivers when I was reading this because I get called a whore and a slut, but I'm not. It's not my fault that shit happens.


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