Abandonment Poem

Why Did You Leave? Poem

A girl is left with her heart missing a piece always curious to know her daddy.

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© Brandi M. Weber

February 2006


It's just the two of us, mom
just me and you
I know we'll make it
We'll be strong and pull through

My life is really unstable
and many curiosities lie inside
I don't understand the way things are
I need closure as to why

Why did my father disappear?
Did he really hate me that much?
I wonder what it would feel like
to have his hand to touch

Is it warm and loving?
Or is it heartless and cold?
Will I ever find him
as I begin to grow old?

A part of me is missing
The part that belongs to him
I would like for him to love me one day
And complete this missing limb

So, where are you, dad?
Are you ready to take your place?
The least I would expect of you
is for you to see my face

To see what you have created
And what I've turned out to be
Because I know that if you did
then you would be proud of me

So if someday you should return
I hope you read this poem
And answer my one question,
"Why did you leave mom and me alone?"


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