Bullying Poem

Poem About Words That Hurt People

I'm a girl that is hurt every day and is depressed. I know this is detailed but I think people should see what happens to people when they get pushed too far...

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© Anna Pastor

February 18, 2014


Life is filled with pain,
anger and sorrow.
I need a knife to borrow.
Let it flow against my skin easily,
as it goes deeper and deeper.

Soon I'll be with the reaper.
Tears fall fastly,
Thinking I'm worthless to be here.
All of my frights becomes my fears.

The words flowing through my head so fast,
you bitch slut whore.
Tearing my heart apart and throwing it on the floor.
So I cut deeper and deeper hitting the vain.

Again and again in the same spots,
leaving blood clots.
Don't judge about what I do,
judge me for who I am today.

Even if I'm not okay.
My hands, arms and legs filled with scars.
Each and every one I deserve on me,
because people tell me this all day constantly.

I hate when I believe that every word they say is true,
it hurts.
Wait until it happens to you.
Words hurt
Think before you speak


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