Heartbreak Poem by Teens

I am only 11 but I have experienced very bad love problems. This is a story about me and my boyfriend, he left me with a broken heart never to love again.

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You Left Me Never To Love Again

© Vanessa Thomas more by Vanessa Thomas

Published on September 2011

You left me with pain, that I cannot hide.
You left me with pain all curled up inside.
The word love means nothing to you
I cried and cried and hurt myself too.
When I think of you I slap myself
Trying to think of the times that were well.
You shattered my heart like a piece of glass
And I can't stand to see you when in class.
I tried and tried to win you back...
But you just said "Pick up the slack".
Night after night I hear myself cry,
Wishing and wishing that I would just die.
I have no life and that's the truth...
You broke my heart and killed it too.



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