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When I was 18 I met and fell in love with a girl that my family did not like. They tried to be there for me but couldn't get passed the fact that their "Baby" was in love with a woman that had a child from another man. I subsequently moved in with her and drifted away from my family. This was written Thanksgiving Day 1976 as I found myself eating Macaroni and cheese while my girlfriend and Son went to her ex in laws for dinner.

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I know the "song" well. It is beautiful. I was not aware of the story …

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© Dave Meholic

Published: Jun 2011

You'll Never Be Alone

Momma, you know I Love you
And Papa you know I Love you too
Even though we're miles apart
And just a phone call away
I left your house with a broken heart
I didn't want to leave that way...I didn't want to leave that way

You know they say that your youngest one
Is the hardest to let go
But why did I have to be the Son
To have to hurt you so
Maybe someday I'll find a way to pay you back
For the things you gave me money cannot buy
Through the years of happiness I never lost track
Of all the times I made you cry.
I didn't want to make you cry

Lord it seems like only yesterday
You were putting band aids on my knees
And laughing at me in my grade school play
How I Love those memories

The hardest part of growing up was leaving
The Love that filled Mom and Dads home
Although I'm not at home don't stop believing
Mom and Dad you'll never be alone
Mom and Dad you're never gonna be alone


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  • by Susan Kinden
  • Jun 2012

I know the "song" well. It is beautiful. I was not aware of the story behind it for all these years. Dave, you're sooo talented believe in yourself


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