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Many men will agree that being a father is the most rewarding relationship that they have. Children begin by loving their fathers unconditionally. It is a clean slate. There is nothing the father has to do to earn his child's love. The difficult part is not losing it. As the child goes out into the world, he will see all kinds of men whom he will look to as models as well. It is crucial that his father stay active in his life and help him make intelligent decisions. A boy without a father will look elsewhere to fill his father's shoes.

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Poem From A Divorced Dad To His Daughter
My Little Boogie

They call you Boogie because you danced before you walked
They call you Boogie because you sang before you talked
We were there for you when you took your first steps
We were there for you to wipe your tears when you wept

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  • By ReNee A. Reising
  • Published: February 2006
A Daughter's Cure

Sometimes life throws us curveballs
And nothing he does is fair
We know we have a lot of differences...

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I love this poem. I have a step dad who has been in my life since I was 2. This poem is right on. Thanks for sharing.


My Baby Girl
  • By Donald Watson
  • Published: February 2006
My Babygirl

It seems like only yesterday
With a teardrop in my eye
That you were born into this world
With a whimper and a cry...

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Love Like No Other
  • By Paula M. Newman
  • Published: February 2006
A Love Like No Other

From the time I was born
I guess you would know...

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This is so true! I love my daddy so much and am so privileged to have this kind of relationship with him!


A New Father's Questions
  • By Jose Bernard
  • Published: February 2006
A New Father's Questions

You come to me with sadness in your eyes,
And tell me we have to talk,
Immediately I think the worst,
'Is it me? Does she want to walk?'

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Poem About A Father's Love For His Child
  • By Michelle W. Emerson
  • Published: February 2006
In Her Eyes

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The depth of a father's love shows in his daughter's eyes.
What's known is what's shown from sunset to sunrise.
A foundation built on more than just what is spoken.
It's commitments kept and promises that go unbroken.

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I have cried a million times. After I read this I had to tell my dad I was sorry for pushing him away. I decided to do this for my school's poem recitation program. My dad does not know. He...

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  • By Brittney L. Smith
  • Published: February 2006
Dad With Unconditional Love

The day will come when it's time to go,
But first there are a few things I would like you to know.
You're the strongest man I ever knew, and the one I've always looked up to.
You worked your fingers to the bone, to make sure we always had a good home....

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  • By Jason E. Rose
  • Published: February 2006
A Soldiers Reason

I can remember the first time that I
saw your smiling face,
I held you close to my heart you could
probably hear it race....

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Wow!!!!!! A beautiful poem :D I love it, it's so touching

  • By April M. Alcocer
  • Published: February 2006
Daddy Don't Cry

Daddy don't cry,
because you were always there for me
I've cried many tears too,
that you couldn't see...

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This is so beautiful. My daddy died of heart failure when I was 7 and I'm 11 now. I love you daddy and wish that you could see how sad It is to be without you. I LOVE YOU!

Poem To Dad From Angry Daughter
  • By Stefanie
  • Published: August 2008
Last Chance

Recommended for Students

My heart aches, dad,
For the things you won't do
My soul breaks, dad,
For all that we've been through...

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My dad just doesn't listen. He breaks promise I want to scream and hit him but he would kill me. Sometimes I don't want to know my dad.

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