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What is the role of a nephew in an uncle or aunts life. There is nothing in particular that is uniquely nephew-like behavior. His relationship with his uncle or aunt is his and their choice. There are no expectations for the relationship. The thing that they have going between them is that they are related. However, the uncle and aunt are not as deeply invested in their nephew's future as his parents are. In their relationship he may have the freedom to express his true wishes and desires and by doing so come to understand himself.

Poems about Aunts, Uncles and Nephews

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I Lost My Nephew
By Michelle
I've held it in
Not sure why
But I've not been able to cry

He left so quick
I didn't have much time
Suddenly, he wasn't mine

I wasn't ready
To let him go
So if I ..........
Votes: 47,  Rating: 4.43
My Nephew, A Little Angel
By Anjelica Zaez
Never shall I forget the horrible smell of hospital.
The smell of the medicine, the smell of cafeteria.
The strong smell of the hospital.
Never shall I forget the pain we went through, the ..........
Votes: 70,  Rating: 4.39
My Nephew Michael
By Kristy
My nephew is my heart.
He opens doors to rooms
I never knew were there,
Breaks through walls
I don't recall building.
He lights my darkest corners
With the sparkle in his eyes. ..........
Votes: 79,  Rating: 4.33 , 2 Stories
Let An Angel Fall From Heaven
By Grace
Let an angel fall from heaven.
Let an angel fall into your arms.
When he was born he lit up the room.
Feed him well, so he'll grow up big.
Let him experience things you never did. ..........
Votes: 11,  Rating: 4.09
Aunt To Nephew I Love You Poem, Andrew
By Amanda
Andrew my nephew,
I have a secret to share with you
And that secret is huge
So here are some rules to follow before I tell you.
Do as your mom says
And always try your best.
And my ..........
Votes: 69,  Rating: 3.9
I'm The Luckiest Person in the World
By Tony Mcneilly
I always woke with the feel, of restless on my cheek.
For a while, things were gray, sometimes even bleak.
A bright smile you brought to me, to brighten up my day
I couldn't imagine not ..........
Votes: 19,  Rating: 3.89
Missing Nephew Poem, Oh My Dear Nephew
By Tabitha Hamilton
I'll never forget the beautiful days we shared
Lovely walks to the park
teasing dogs as they bark
I'll never let go of our memories
drawing art in my room
playing with your ..........
Votes: 11,  Rating: 3.45
Nephew Poems 1-7 of 7    
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