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Parents are the unsung heroes of every person that has ever done anything great. Think about the people that you most admire in your life. Do you attribute any of their greatness to the people that raised them? Often, we do not even think about the fact that there were most likely two people who were most influential in making a person who they are. Of course I am referring to his or her parents. If a person is great, remember that greatness is not achieved in a vacuum. There were people who sowed the seeds of greatness.

Parent Child Poems

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The Gift Of Sight
  • By Brian A. Haycock
  • Published: February 2006

She was born pink and soft with all of her toes
She had my eyes and her mothers nose
She cried for a moment and then settled down
The angel of my life with hair of brown...

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A true love of a father to his daughter ! I loved it very much. I'm going to recite it in a competition. Hope I can do it well!

  • By Ann T. Tran
  • Published: February 2006
A Parent's Heart

When you feel like breaking down or crashing in,
Who do you turn to, to forgive your sin?
When you cried your lonely tears,
Who will be there to fight your fears?...

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My oldest son passed away on 12/01/2013. He had heart problems. His heart stopped and he passed away in his sleep. I am struggling with his death. It caused me to be diagnosed with PTSD and...

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  • By Shelly D. Coleman
  • Published: February 2006
Thank God For The Difficult Child

The difficult teen will do things their own way, in their own time, regardless of your wishes or schedule.
The good teen will do what you ask, when you ask, even though they may complain a little.
It's easy to love a good child.

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It's amazing how God answers your prayers. I too am a mother to a beautiful inside and out difficult teen. If she would only see herself in the way we do, love herself half as much as we do,...

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Please Stop Fighting Poem
  • By Mandy K. Greger
  • Published: February 2006
A Message For Mommy

Mommy please don't talk to daddy that way,
Your words get meaner everyday
I hate to hear you yell, and to see my daddy cry
He knows you are sad and doesn't understand why...

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My mom thinks that my daddy's cheating on her and to make things worst my dad was in a car accident two days ago. I'm really sad. :((((((


Advice For Parents Poem
  • By Wanda Oleson
  • Published: February 2006
Ticket For Life

Bandage scraped knees. Kiss away fears.
Watch their heartbreak and dry their tears.
Teach them to know what's right and what's wrong.
Show them how to be gentle and when to be strong....

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Perfect advise set out in a simple way, to the parents of our new grandchild

A Letter From A Mother To My Child
  • By Elizabeth M. PIllari
  • Published: February 2006
To My Child

Come back into the fold
of my protective wings.
Let not your spirit be restless,
For you are here with me....

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I love this poem this reminds me of my children. they are my world. I love my children

Poem About What To Teach Children
Lessons For Living

I see you looking at your children,
Wondering what their lives will be.
If you verify some answers
Then their future you might see.

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Poem To Parents Thank You
  • By Charlise Butner
  • Published: February 2006
I Wasn't Raised In A Mansion

I wasn't raised in a mansion
Or fed with a silver spoon
I wasn't brought up to think money is everything
Because only fools believe that's true...

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I am going to read this at my fathers 80th birthday party. We also did not have much growing up but the love of our parents made us all strong.

Daughter To Parent Poem
  • By Jenna Fowler
  • Published: February 2006
Because They Love Me

When I am sad, they comfort me.
When I am sick, they care for me.
When I misbehave, they discipline me.
Because they love me....

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I'm a orphan. My father was killed by his enemies . But I'm lucky enough because I was not deprived from parental love. I live with my maternal uncle he treats me as his own child. My aunt...

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Love Poem For Parents From Child
My Parents

You are both special in every way,
Encouraging me more and more each passing day.

You both are the reason why I'm so strong,...

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I love these story. God bless you for giving peace to your parents at the end of their lives.


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