Sick Friend Poems

Sick Friend Poems

When your best friend is sick

Part of being a good friend is being there for a friend that is sick. You may feel uncomfortable when you visit a sick friend and you may worry about saying the right thing. It is important to remember that this friend is the same person that he always was. If you feel uncomfortable about being with him, share your feelings and ask if there is anything you need to know. More often than not, your friend will want you to just be yourself and you will see that nothing has changed as a result of his illness.

Friendship Poems about Sickness

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Poem About A Friend's Pain and Depression
  • by Sarah
  • Published: 4/11/2014
Deafening Silence

I look deep into your eyes
but all I see are lies
where there was hurt and suffering
there's now a black hole of nothing…

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Poem On A Bad Time With Depression
  • by Emma Etwell
  • Published: Mar 2009
My Darling

My darling, My girl,
Why are you so sad?
Why can't you see that life is not all bad?
You're my angel,…

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hey, that was an amazing poem. have you read it to her? I think you should. make sure you be there …

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Poem About Missing Friend
  • by Elsie-Anne Cameron
  • Published: Sep 2008

A star in the sky reminds me of how bright you were
A flower in the garden reminds me how beautiful you were
A trolley in the trolley bay reminds me of the way we rolled…

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I hate to say...I'm very sorry for your loss. She would be proud of you. This poem made me cry. But …

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  • by Mohamed Al Marzouqi
  • Published: Sep 2011
Me, My Friend, And Cancer

I thought I had big problems
Until I realized your problems
Chemotherapy visits and checks
And months without an answer…

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I have a best friend who I've known for only a year but has touched my heart. Every time I was sad …

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Poem About Finding Hope In Darkness
  • by Stephanie Filer
  • Published: Nov 2007
Behind Closed Doors

Behind your closed door you lay,
Your emotions locked up inside of you.
No one seems to understand the problem at bay.
You fight like a raging bull to stay sane, …

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Poem About Always Being There For A Friend
  • by Jasmin Aneta-Mirry Hathlhorn
  • Published: Aug 2010
Being There

I'll be there
I'll be there

I'll be there when you're crying…

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