Grandparents Day Poems

Many people may not know that this day exists. Some may choose to ignore it. They may think, "must we have a day for every person in the universe, when does all this day naming end?" Sadly, those people probably did not have an opportunity to develop a relationship with their grandparents. They don't understand the gifts that a grandparents can give. Grandparents can provide a sense of continuity and roots to their grandchildren. They can provide a sense that life matters, and the ability to see life within a larger context of time. Happy Grandparents Day!

Poems for Grandparents Day

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Sweet Grandparents
By Brentney S. Johnson
I didn't know my grandpa,
but I wish I could have though,
'cause from the stories mama has told,
I would have loved him so.
She said he was a big man,
who bounced her on his ..........
Votes: 104,  Rating: 4.09
Grandma And Grandpa
By Cody
My Grandparents are like the sun
always keeping my day bright
they are always there for me
they are like my best friend
when I'm heart broken they fill the crack
Votes: 174,  Rating: 3.75 , 1 Story
How My Grandparents Met, A D-Day Tale
By Tammy L. Privitera

The beaches of Normandy WWII
A soldier brave and true
Rising to fight a horrible man
Saving the lives of all those he can
A beautiful woman he sees
Stolen from Poland to scrub ..........
Votes: 8,  Rating: 3.75
Grandparents Day Poems 1-3 of 3    
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