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It seems that it is in mans nature to live a spiritual lifestyle. We need very much to live a meaningful life and therefore we look to find purpose in our lives. Religion is simply a system devised to live your life according to the meaning that you have envisioned for your life. Others find the structure of organized religion to be stifling. They find that going into nature is the best way to get in touch with the spirit. It seems that the trees, and the grass and flowers never lose sight of their purpose. In the same way, nature helps us get in touch with our inner spirit that never forgets.

The Beauty of Nature is strongly related to the Spiritual


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My Soul

My soul is courage flying like a dove
My soul is wisdom and knowledge
bursting like a horse galloping
My soul is understanding like a puppy...

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  • By Keith Burroughs
  • Published: February 2011
Where Peaceful Waters Flow

The clouds break forth the streams of light
To dance upon the earth,
And cradled in the sands of time,
Comes a newborn baby's birth.

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Live is a vapour, popularity is an accident, riches do take wing, those who share today may not be opportune for tomorrow, character is the endurance.


  • By Carol Lafreniere
  • Published: February 2011
Nature's Hand

Walking towards a wishful dream,
By your side a crooked stream,
Above, the clouds are fluffy cream,
No longer do you want to scream.

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Absolutely beautiful well done be proud of yourself

Tall Pine

Upon her crystal shores... waves of shimmering light.
Part of a larger symphony near water's edge.
Under tall pine a leaf gently spirals to the ground.
A small note... unheard by most. A piece of that song....

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  • By Lynn Barany
  • Published: December 2008
Upon The Hill

The roses smell so sweetly
Behind the picket fence,
The grass is rich and green
It gives off a fresh cut scent.

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A very beautiful poem. I love spirituality poems too. I feel honored to give you your first star and in my opinion any one who reads this should give you a "love it". Thanks for sharing.

  • By Alec Shuman
  • Published: March 2011
Among The Angels

I had waited so long, year after year
It was all trivial for I was here
Five hours there, and five hours back
The ascent had caused an excitement attack

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Wake Up....!!!

It's true that the darkness flies and blue times fade away,
Though to cast obscure and gloomy vista is its forte,
But there is always a dawn of radiant light at its archway.
Wake up! Open your eyes, rise to another new day.

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  • By Zakiya K. Holman
  • Published: March 2013
Grains Of Paradise

Sobering are the sands of time,
Each grain speaks great truths,
Antiquity articulates subtly so,
Weathering it seeks not to subdue,

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this poem is magnificent just what I needed to hear at this time. feeling down. A good reminder that the smallest particle in the universe has mass. Naval digging doesn't get you anywhere....

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  • By Oblivion Vampire
  • Published: February 2011
A Silver Star

still now
quiet winds rest

a silver star...

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