Anger Poems about Love

When we are in love it feels like it will be forever. We put all our trust in the person we are in love with and we share our darkest secrets. When we feel that our beloved has not lived up to our expectations we are left feeling angry and bitter. The feelings of betrayal that ex-lovers feel are some of the strongest feelings of hatred and anger that are expressed in the world. Ex wives and husbands often can not even be in the same room together. Two people that once shared the same bed and most intimate secrets cannot even have a civil conversation.

Trust is a special gift. Don't betray it.

Sad Love Poems about Anger

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Poem About Giving Up On Love, When We
By Dana Schwartz
When all we hear are the empty promises and lies,
that leave behind broken hearts and shattered lives.
When trust is gone and hope is lost,
what are we fighting for and who really pays the ..........
Votes: 65,  Rating: 4.25 , 1 Story
Forget Forgiving!

You say it doesn't matter,
It's all in the past.
You never see my pain.
It's behind a mask.
You say to forgive and forget.
I'm going to make the day you met me,
A day you'll ..........
Votes: 235,  Rating: 4.17 , 2 Stories
I'm Alone
Feeling alone, scared and deep despair
Did you know how much I cared?

You touched my heart and soul
But beat me down and raped my joy

Feeling lost, confused and can't cope
Just ..........
Votes: 145,  Rating: 4.06 , 2 Stories
All The Same
By Nettie Van Jaarsveld
kiss me quick and make me weak
take my power, my voice to speak
lead me into the pouring rain
love me like you’ll never love again


break my heart and cause me ..........
Votes: 76,  Rating: 4.03
Loving A Man That Is A Monster, Need To Know Did You Love Me?
Did you love me?
You would gently caress your hand across my face
Not punch me over and over again begging for you to stop
Did you love me?
You would run your hands lovingly thru my ..........
Votes: 52,  Rating: 3.9 , 1 Story
In My Dreams Despite My Health
Despite my health,
You opted not to call me;
Just to know if I was alright.

When I gazed at myself,
Sleeping helplessly in much pain,
I wondered where your love, care and ..........
Votes: 19,  Rating: 3.89
You Lied
By Amber Bentz
You told me that you would never leave me
You Lied
You told me you would love me forever and never let me go
You Lied
You told me we were gonna get married and live happily ever after ..........
Votes: 57,  Rating: 3.88
Never Again Shall I Speak
By Brianna Stewart
I want to tell you all my secrets,
what lays beneath these brown eyes

If I were to tell you,
for me you would despise

For I know things no person should know
For I do things ..........
Votes: 33,  Rating: 3.88 , 2 Stories
Poem To Ex Boyfriend, I'm Not Waiting Anymore
I waited on your kiss,
your warm embrace;
I waited on your lips and the way your hands twist.
I waited on your excuse,
I waited on your apology,
I waited on your eyes to look into ..........
Votes: 34,  Rating: 3.82
Love Hurts
He pulls my hair
He slaps my face
He throws me on the floor
He chokes me

I spit blood out of my mouth
Everything hurts
& all I can do is cry

I made him mad
So ..........
Votes: 129,  Rating: 3.81 , 3 Stories
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