Teen Confused By Love Poems

Confused About Love Poems by Teens

The romantic connection that exists between girlfriends and boyfriends is the subject of much poetry and prose. There tends to be so much drama in a romantic relationship that it is often hard to tell how authentic the feelings between the two people are. We can't help it, it seems that as soon as our hormones get involved we lose our heads. It becomes impossible to think clearly about whether the relationship should continue. Often, only after the relationship has ended and we have gained some distance can we figure out what the relationship was really about.


When You Love The Same Man

He says he loves me, but loves her too,
He can't decide between me and you.

Friends for ten years and he rips it apart,
killing every single inch of our hearts.

We fall for the same man and it kills us inside,
he wouldn't even care if one of us died.

I say "I'll jump," she says "I'll jump too,"
You don't care one bit if you get the tiniest action from one of us two.

We burn in our fire of hell, freeze in our own skin,
but we don't mean a single thing to him.

You say you want us forever and ever,
but without you we just might be a little better.

Hate is a strong word, love is too,
but neither means anything to you.

So goodbye are our final words, and she wishes you well
but as for me I hope you burn in hell.



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