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We all have that one funny friend who always makes us laugh. Keep them around because laughing is good for you. Laughing gets you breathing and improves your circulation. It helps you sleep better and decreases stress, which is perfect for when you have a big exam coming up. It also boosts your relationships with others, causing social bonding. So get your endorphin system working. Read, write, listen to, or watch something funny. Share it with your friends and laugh it up. You'll experience better health and you'll even feel happier.

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Poem To A Horrible Teacher
  • by Estampa
  • Published: 9/3/2013
Menacing Madam Meryl

I knew a biased educator
Who resembled a detonator
Screaming, criticizing, patronizing
Educationally dramatizing …

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Funny Poem About Santa
  • by Logan Hornback
  • Published: Nov 2011
The Nightmare Before Christmas

Big, fat Santa bounded through my halls;
He made everything shake, even the walls.

He ate all my cookies,…

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This is an interesting take on Jolly Old Saint Nick. Well Done :) I personally like "This guys …

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Poem About The Daily Life Of A Lazy Teenager
  • by Bradi Nichols
  • Published: 5/8/2014
Lazy Teen

Hi my name is Katy
I'm not an active lady.
I'm happy when I'm on the couch
But if I get up I will turn into a grouch. …

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Funny Poem About Writing A Fantastic Poem
  • by Matt Bremner
  • Published: Jul 2010
If I Were To Write A Poem

If I were to write a poem,
It would be a fantastic piece of art,
Many people would read it and be so inspired by my work,
They would want to sit down and try to write their own.…

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Hi, my name is Serena, I am a grade 10 student who was told by my teacher that I had to memorize …

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Poem About Wanting Everything
  • by Wes
  • Published: Mar 2012
My List Of Things

I always tell my mom this:
here is a list
of what I need to buy
A rocket to go up inside of space,…

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Poem About The Hassle Of Boys
  • by Sydney
  • Published: Feb 2010
Who Needs Boys

Who Needs Boys
I say no one needs boys when you have a nice life
they just bring drama
and great strife…

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Alright I am a girl and I agree with this poem it really says something about all teenage girls and …

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