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A grandparents job is not easy. Grandchildren count on their grandparents to love them unconditionally to a degree that their parents may not be able to. Grandchildren expect their grandparents to listen, really listen, without judging right or wrong. It is often assumed that grandparents have no life of your own, and that they only exist to be called on when they are needed. This of course is not true. At the same time grandparents should not miss the opportunity that they have been given, a chance for a relationship with the next generation.

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Poem About The Death Of A Grandmother
  • by Glycerinne Tennan
  • Published: Jan 2012

I loved your bright blue eyes,
Now I cannot see them.

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  • by Courtney Sauve
  • Published: Aug 2008
I Miss You

I am just eleven,
And already you are gone to heaven.

The smiles, the laughter,…

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I am also 11 this poem touched me. My grandpa has passed yet I have not seen him. My mother had …

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  • by Pondra C. Tuten
  • Published: Feb 2006

Granddaddy, granddaddy
You are the best,
I love you with mind and spirit
And all the rest.…

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  • by Caitlin Robertson
  • Published: Sep 2011
Where-Ever You Are

You may be gone, but know this;
Where-ever you are, your spirit still lives with us,
Where-ever you are, your memories still live with us,
Where-ever you are, your heart is still tied to us.…

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My Grandad died and I read this at his funeral and made almost everyone in the room cry including …

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Short Poem for a Grandparent
  • by Bridget Brown
  • Published: Mar 2011

Her smile
Her laugh
Are full and rich

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  • by Sarah L. Cornwell
  • Published: Feb 2006

Grandma always had her hair pulled back with a clip.
Grandma wore Vanilla Field perfume. It made me happy.
The few memories I have seem to fade as I get older.…

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  • by Jackie
  • Published: Jul 2009
A Grandfathers' Inspiration

There was once a horse named Cracker Jack,
and he had a little girl sitting on his back.
Her grandpa walked along her side,
holding the reins tight the entire ride.…

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