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Whatever you do, don't get stuck in the past. If you don't like where you are at, don't stay there. Move on. Admittedly, this is hard to do, sometimes it can even seem impossible, but it's not. Acknowledge your feelings and accept them, but let them go. Seek closure and forgive. Do things that make you happy. Take a trip, read a great book, or watch movies. Meet new people and appreciate yourself. Life is a gift that doesn't last forever. Make sure you live it to the fullest, even if that means letting go of someone who was dear to you.


Poem About Long Distance Love Not Working
  • By Arielle Gold
  • Published: February 2014
Distant Love

Love is so complicated
It makes me so frustrated
But when I'm with you, everything is right
And that is why; I wish to be with you tonight

I am here you are there
That's the fact I hate to bare
My love for you, I cannot describe
And if I said it can, I have lied

You are in my head, all the time.
I want that though, as I want you mine
I miss you; I love you, every minute, every day
But I guess all I have to say:

"I am sorry, I was wrong,
It has been so long,
Distance is not the antidote,
It is the opposite of what I wrote.
Distance hurts, does not heal.
I am sorry, this is how I feel"

She has you now, I understand
It's easier, I guess, you can hold her hand
I hope you're happy, as I am not
As me without you means I lose a lot

If you are happy, then so am I
Even though inside, I wish to cry
Oh how I love you so very much,
And how I wish, for one more touch

One more hug, one more kiss
These are just SOME things I will miss
You're laugh, your hair, your smile
For you, I would crawl a mile!

Fall in your eyes just once more?
And in them I will soar
We will fly and we will dance
I just wish I had taken another chance

I want to be anywhere with you
But there is nothing we can do
As you are there and I am here
This is finally loud and clear.



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I am 17 to me love has always been hurting. The one I truly loved I had to let him go cause I had to move to a new country. It became a bit hard for us to talk. We turned insecure and I guess...

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