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Life is about growth, and to grow we need a guide, a mentor, a Teacher. A teacher is a guide who has been down the path before us. Man has been on this planet for a vey long time and each generation has been a teacher to the next generation. Imagine if each generation could not teach and communicate its learning to the following generation. It is the relationship of Teacher and Student which enabled early Man to take the twig and create the flute and then the wheel. Man has learned well to teach and to learn and thus to constantly build on the knowledge which our teachers have tough us.


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Inspirational Thank You Poem To Teacher
  • by Amelia Jane
  • Published: Mar 2013
The Teacher

Remember when we met?
When I was just a kid.
And you said to me,
''It's okay, we're all friends here.'' …

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Poem About A teacher Gone Bad
  • by Teresia K
  • Published: Jul 2012

I worry for your family, the people in your heart
I never meant to hurt them by tearing you apart
I think about the life that you'll soon be leaving behind…

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More Than a Teacher
  • by Makayla Claymore
  • Published: Mar 2011
Mrs. D

Beloved because she is more than a teacher
Our second mother yes she is
Nurturing each and every one of us, filling us with love and knowledge…

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Latest Shared Story

Oh my teachers I'm so really proud of you because you are only our teacher who provides our needs. …

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  • by Ivory
  • Published: May 2011
A Teacher Like You

IF only you could see all the smiles you bring me
If only you could see all the help you gave me
If only you could see all the times you helped me

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