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Inspirational Valentine Poem, This Will Be My Valentine
By Theresa Witbooi
He will be gentle, loving, strong, sensitive and kind
He will be all this and more combined
He is somewhere in this world of rage
When we meet we'll be on the same page
For me he will ..........
Votes: 9,  Rating: 4.44
Can I Be Your Valentine
By Casey E. Gauman
Everyday we act as though we are just good friends.
It is though we are seeing through a different lens.
But I wish we could be more.
Because crying makes me feel poor.
Poor of love, as ..........
Votes: 71,  Rating: 3.96 , 2 Stories
Let Me Be Your Valentine, Pseudo Kiss
By Joseph R. Brege
Has it been a year since you came back?
A year since I've seen your face,
Or felt your grace?
Every pseudo kiss, every pseudo that and this.
Was it ever real?
Did she ever feel? ..........
Votes: 12,  Rating: 3.92
Valentines Day
Today is Valentines Day
A day to show a love one you care
But how can you hold them kiss them console them
When no one is even there

Today is a day of us together
And not a ..........
Votes: 129,  Rating: 3.89 , 6 Stories
A Valentines Wish
By Jamie K. Johnson
Have you ever set your heart on someone
Though you didn't stand a chance.
Have you ever wished that someone
Would think the way you do.
Have you ever fell in love with someone
who ..........
Votes: 59,  Rating: 3.86 , 1 Story
By Gwen
No roses no candy no darling or dear...
Guess I'll spend it alone this year.
Men talk and they flirt they wink and they sigh...
but when it comes time... there's no one to buy..

I ..........
Votes: 36,  Rating: 3.86 , 4 Stories
Why Do We Celebrate Valentines?
By Vicious And Romantic
What is the point of Valentines Day?
I'm sure it's great for those couples that are just so in love.
But what about those who are left out?
What about those who are pushed aside and ..........
Votes: 27,  Rating: 3.74
Valentines Day Alone, Love Stinks
By Patty A. Oleinik
Valentines day is the worst of all
Valentines Day is the day we have a ball
Valentines Day is the day we admire
Valentine Day is a day to remember
Valentines day is the nicest of ..........
Votes: 90,  Rating: 2.26
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