Christmas Poem

Life is a joy if we just look, we can place more burdens on ourselves than anyone can for us. Christmas is a very special time, a time to give thanks and it starts like all good things in life with God through Christ. I can go down the poem that I have just written and each piece of it is truly touched by one person. She is my gift from God and truly all I want or need for Christmas.

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33 Christmas's


Published: December 2008

It is Christmas time for us
By Christmas day our bank account will be a BUST

We will run around three states buying Christmas presents you know that is true
Oh no, it is Christmas day, I did not get a present for your mother, did you

Oh what the heck, take that picture of her from that ugly old frame
Get the camera, take a picture of you and me, print and place in the same

What do you mean, "That is an ugly gift to give" she gave you her picture in that frame isn't that true
Look at the improvement that you have made to that ugly frame, now it has a beautiful picture of you

This year I have had a little test that I have played
Now they will see by their answer what they get on Christmas day

When people would start to tell me what they wanted this is what I would say
"How about a picture of me, something that you could admire everyday"

If they responded back, "I don't want a picture, that is not my Christmas wish from you"
If my ugly mug ain't good enough for then you saved me money, you get nothing from me it's true

For those who said, "That would be great, I would love a picture of you"
You don't need to worry, I got you something that you wanted, a special gift it's true

Honey hurry and get them Thanksgiving leftovers out of the freezer fast
Wow, it is simply amazing how those Zip Lock freezer bags make leftovers last

What do you mean you think that is last years leftovers stuffed in them there bags
Oh what the heck, like I said before, "thank God for Zip Lock bags, they make leftovers last"

What do you mean your little sister won't come out today
Couldn't she find "the one" to bring her all this way

One son will complain about the food, he will spend a lot of time just pestering me and you
The other about the size or weight of his gifts and we know that is something to look forward too

Our darling daughter will complain about but one thing, just one little peep
"Oh leave me alone it is only noon and all I want is sleep"

The grandkids will be full of life building us new Christmas Memories for years to come
In time we will look back and remember it all as Christmas fun

We will miss those who can not be with us this time of year
We will pray that they know that in our hearts we hold them dear

We will reflect back and laugh at Christmas's past
Thank God for laughter and those memories that make us laugh

We will reflect back on family and friends who no longer with us and gone from this world
I will look at my wife, reflect back and remember 33 Christmas's with my special Lil Indian girl

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