Abuse Poem

A girl who is abused by her father struggles to deal with painful memories.

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A Forgotten Love


Published: February 2006

There is a young child with memories filled with shame.
She did not know what to do but cry out in pain.
Someone came into her room every other night this young child filled with memories of everlasting fright.
She thought he loved her by his painful touch but the truth is he didn't really mean much.
This child got older and started to realize that she was living with lies.
She started to feel hurt and hateful towards her mom. 
The child said 'Mom all these years you did not know what was going on?'
This child would do anything to get away from home.
Stay out late with friends or sometimes just be alone.
This child was no longer a child she grew into a young lady .
She had a low self esteem .. And to gain acceptance she got crazy. 
She stole cars and stole money, she was in and out of J.D.C .
Who knew where she would become to be.
Then one day she shoved the law to far.
She had to go to treatment,
She went to Our Home Inc In a group called group star.
She found out the most important thing in life ,
She was only hurting herself all these years.
She was in lockup just because ...........
Mother s Reply....Did I believe that this could occur?
Was I feeding into this lie? 
Was her mother believing that there was a magical cure....
Was my baby fronting to try to lie or was she telling me the truth and I didn't comply?..... .
'I'm so sorry my girl I didn't know,....
how was I to know he was going to lie? 
If he did what you say he did....
remember that it will come back on him in the end...
I love you and hope you remember so....
cause I believe you are a strong Lakota winyan coming from your mothers blood .....
you can not accept that this was your destiny...
and you will chose to fly ....
try to forget and live your life strong ...
because no matter what......
your mom was also strong....
take that strength and begin again because my girl you will win in the end...
Love MOM

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