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This poem was written on Halloween Night, 10/31/07 at 9:45pm. At the time, I could not stand my friends and I wrote a goodbye letter to them. At the time, I was suicidal. This only worsened until the breaking point in December. December 31, I called it quits. I told my best friends in the entire world I hated them. Looking back on it, I did that because I was too depressed and I only wanted to be left alone forever. Now, I see this only caused much worse problems. As now, I have lost three of my best friends and it is much too late to get them back. I didn't kill myself obviously. But I was so close. Extremely close, and this goes out to my three old best friends, who never knew the real me.

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Thank you for the wonderful poem. This is actually how I feel every single day.

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A Friend's Secret Suicide


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

To my (old) friends: AH, RW, KF

You were all part of my life,
In the beginning you were always there helping me along, inch by inch.
But that thread we had has finally snapped.
I could have ignored you without a second thought, no worries, not a flinch.

But, I played along.
I sang my own desperate song of how one day you would understand.
But you never did.
Never tried to comfort me or hold my hand.
You all ignored it even though deep inside, you know I WAS NOT MYSELF
I no longer laughed,
But replaced that smile with a disturbed frown.
I no longer had fun with you,
This replaced by the constant though of how to drown.

And yet, you were not there.
It was like you didn't even notice,
Like I was no longer important,
And STILL, you did not acknowledge me, and this I could see.
You were unaware of the problems that slowly, one by one, took my life from me.

I have no life now,
I hope you are aware of THIS.
You will never have to worry
And I send you this one last goodbye, this one last kiss.
For I have melted away now; dissolved.
And STILL, me, you DO NOT MISS.


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  • Alyena R. Robinson by Alyena R. Robinson
  • 2 years ago

Thank you for the wonderful poem. This is actually how I feel every single day.

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