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Poem About A Friends Suicide

I wrote this shortly after one of my childhood friends shot himself. it's hard, but I learned from it daily. but I don't want to dwell over it anymore, I want to use it to help. as well as a few other hard things that have happened in my life.

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My name is Jessica. My best friend Sammy committed suicide a few days ago. On June 11th 2014 to be exact. It hit me hard. I was talking to her when it happened. She slit her wrists the wrong...

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It Spoke The Word Suicide


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2007 with permission of the author.

A smile, a laugh
a tear, a frown
a sad young boy none knew was falling down
he was falling way too fast
no one seems to notice
no one seemed to hear
for when he put that gun in place
no one happened to be near
he left with out a warning
he left without a sign
just a dead young boy
with a shallow gun by his side
again no one heard
as his death was being fired
and after the funeral was planned
after everybody came
the tears fell on his casket
they left a foot printed stain
then everyone noticed
then everyone heard
for the warning had came
the signs were all right there
now there is no smile
now there is no laugh
now there's just a tear
and his picture placed in glass
since he left no letter
since he left no trace
the gun spoke his last words
that gun (it) put this sad young boy; right back in his place...

rip Alex


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  • Jessica by Jessica, Texas
  • 8 years ago

My name is Jessica. My best friend Sammy committed suicide a few days ago. On June 11th 2014 to be exact. It hit me hard. I was talking to her when it happened. She slit her wrists the wrong way-vertical. I told her not to that I loved her but then her adoptive mom told me the bad news. I was absolutely devastated. I could barely walk that first day. Then I remembered what she told me "Don't cry over me when I die! It won't do any use. Tears can't bring someone back alive. Smile instead of cry. That's my dying wish. For you to live on after I die without wallowing around in your tears and sorrow" and I took her advice, I'm still upset but I'll get over it. But I'll never forget. How could I forget a girl like her? She made me smile everyday.

R.I.P Sammy Ellie Mayfield

  • Charlie by Charlie, Ireland
  • 10 years ago

This poem just made me cry it really hit home.
My cousin committed suicide a month ago
It's never the same without our loved ones it's not something you can just move on from it's stuck with you for life but let's just hope we learn to cope a bit better for the rest of our loved one's!!

  • Shari by Shari, Alberta Canada
  • 10 years ago

I lost my older brother to suicide 10 years ago now and the pain is just as hard today as it was back then. He shot himself with no signs, no letter, no nothing. I miss him so much and feel so alone without him. No little sister should have to say goodbye to their big brother :( miss you so much Shane

  • Samantha Sims by Samantha Sims
  • 11 years ago

My name is Samantha and I am 18 years old. Last year my best friend Trevor killed himself. He was the one person that I could always count on, and now he is gone. I mourn with all those who have lost someone to suicide. I understand the pain of losing a best friend. I hope people will one day realize, there is always a better way. You deserve a chance, and you deserve life.... don't deprive yourself of something so precious.

  • Sasha Riverton by Sasha Riverton, Wy
  • 11 years ago

this poem made me cry my friend killed himself and I still cry

  • Vanessa by Vanessa
  • 13 years ago

I just had a friend commit suicide by shooting himself in the chest. He was only sixteen years old.. he was a very popular guy and every girl wanted to be with him. I was privileged to be able to have known him for the eight months that I did. now all I have is the memories..this poem really hit home to me. I am a poet myself and he has inspired a lot of new poems for me. but its been one month and seventeen days since he left this world, and I would trade anything to have him back.
RIP baby

  • Imani by Imani
  • 13 years ago

I loved this I am sorry about your friend and I hope everything with her is okay..this is a great poem I loved it honest.

  • Cindy by Cindy
  • 14 years ago

This poem really hit home. My best friend shot his self in November 2007. We never seen it coming. Thanks for sharing your poem.

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