Mother Child Poem

Poem About Preparing for a Child

Nobody loves their child as much as I love mine and I'll prove it to you.

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A Mother's Love


Published: February 2006

For years I've longed for you
And prepared for you so that you would never want for anything
And the day I found out you would be coming I was overcome with joy for you
And your father and I embraced a new beginning
And now to hold you in my arms and I look into your eyes
I know that you are going to accomplish great things
My sweetheart
My beloved
My son
The product of my goals, my efforts, and my love
Beautiful you are in my eyes
And my love for you will always rise
As long as the stars are in the sky
And the sun sets in the west and rises in the east
And the moon shines in the night
I will love you for all of your life
Do my best to have everything you need laid at your feet
Because your are a gem far more precious than a diamond shining in the brightest light
Years ago I dreamed of this moment
I even had your name in mind
I also opened a special account for you that should support you greatly in due time
And now that this day has come I am filled with the greatest joy
My heart overwhelmed with gladness because I hold in my arms my baby boy
And, as I hold you close to me, know that the tears I cry are truly tears of joy
And I make this promise to you today
Even if for the rest of my life I never make another one
That even in my death my love will stay with you
My darling
My joy
My son.



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