Funeral Poem

We lost our daughter 8-01-2009. My Fiance wrote this poem for her funeral.

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A Poem For Hailee From Daddy


Published: July 2013

                        Like an ANGEL
                  Hailee spread her wings,
                  and headed for the sky.
                  At 3:15 pm that was mine,
            and my sweethearts' hardest goodbye.
                 We cried and still cry.
            Daddy wonders, and Mommy does too,
               the color of Hailee's eyes,
                  a hazel or baby blue?
          She caught the first wind for her wings,
               instead of her first breath.
                  I'm so confused. Why?
               Why such an innocent death?
          Maybe someday we will all understand.
               Day by day, night by night
                  I remember the touch
            of her little feet and tiny hands.
            My thoughts and heart were racing,
            faster than I'd ever felt before.
        My knees get weak. I melt inside and out,
      When alone I couldn't help but hit the floor.
        Then my memory took me back to room 2002
                when she was in my hands,
             and I got my first good glance.
          I remember that I couldn't help myself
        to get my first, my last, and my only dance.
           So by Faith, Hope, Love, and Grace
         when Mommy and Daddy get our wings too,
              We will fly into the blue,
           thru and thru, just to be with you.

                       ALL MY LOVE
                       JASON WALLS



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