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Description of poem is my little nephew was fascinated with his mom's high heels. She did everything to get him to stop wearing her heels. Now that he's older, I asked him one day why? And he told me he loved the noise they made!

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A Toddler's Fascination


Published: April 2011

I remember just a small boy
     I'd see on most days,
Getting out of the car
     I'd watch you walk away.
My nephew had an obsession
      Oh man why the high heels?
I ask my little sister
      Hey now what's the deal?
She tells me that she hides them
      And puts them all away,
She tries to do it sneaky
      Hoping maybe they'll stay..

It's years now past
   We talk about it today,
We'd laugh because
     It's just the noise they make.


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