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This poem is dedicated for anyone who had an abortion and felt remorse afterwards.

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About 4 months ago I made the biggest mistake of my life. I never wanted to have an abortion, but I let my boyfriend talk me into it. He made me believe there was no other choice. I should've...

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Abortion And How I Feel


Published: July 2008

Waiting  behind the gates is my beautiful daughter.
She died when I killed her.
Abortion is a motherf***er, can't even have a funeral.
I always heard her little cry calling me to save her.
I feel so sad about what I did, but I didn't know what I should do.
I was too scared to stand up and take on my responsibility's.
I didn't believe I was ready to hold Jasmine in my arms.
Just thinking about looking at that little girl smile breaks my heart.
I shouldn't have done what  I did I knew it was wrong.
But what could a 14 year old do?
I didn't have a job and I was way to young.
my mom was strung out and my dad was long gone.
out in the harsh world lost for things to do.
didn't have a full high school education yet so there wasn't many jobs to choose.
I shouldn't have done it baby I'm sorry. I didn't want it to happen.
I cried which seemed like it was forever.
I shall never forget you.



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  • Angry Blonde by Angry Blonde
  • 1 year ago

About 4 months ago I made the biggest mistake of my life. I never wanted to have an abortion, but I let my boyfriend talk me into it. He made me believe there was no other choice. I should've been stronger. I can only hope I will get to hold my baby in Heaven. I don't even know the gender; it happened at only 10 weeks. I felt like she was a girl. I miss my baby so, so much. I wish I could grab her back down from Heaven and put her safely back into my womb. I hope she forgives me, and I hope God forgives me and will bless me with another chance when I'm ready. I was never a religious person before this event... but I don't want to believe my baby is gone forever. I have to believe she's waiting for me at the gate, and I pray every night that she forgives me. My heart hurts, and I don't know if I could ever manage to heal from this.

  • Peach by Peach
  • 6 years ago

Hey lovely. Your poem touched me a lot. My daughter was going to be called Jasmine, too.
I can only hope that one day, every woman who has been through this will be reunited with their little ones. We do what we think is best at the time, or sometimes act out of fear, and I don't think there's enough awareness about the after effects of an abortion. Many people look down on those who choose to go through with it and assume they're heartless and that it's an easy decision for them, which is completely wrong.
I will never forgive myself for what I did. You don't realize how much it'll hurt until it's too late.
I was convinced I'd be fine and unaffected afterwards but now, almost 7 weeks on, I'm a mess.
I hope everyone who's been through this can find peace with themselves.
R.I.P. Jasmine, I'll never forget you my sweet beautiful angel.

  • Maxi by Maxi
  • 7 years ago

13 years ago when I was just 14 years old I sat and cried at the thought of what I knew my parents would make me do. I cried all the way there and back, I cried myself to sleep that night and many nights after how could I not stand up to them and protect my unborn baby. I have lived with the guilt all these years and although I have 3 beautiful children now my precious unborn child is forever in my heart. I'm so sorry my little angel. How I wish I could turn back time forever in my heart R.I.P

  • Abbi by Abbi
  • 8 years ago

Well I was just 16 when I fell pregnant with an unstable family and fella. I staying here there and everywhere. I am now 19 with a gorgeous little boy who is 9 months this month. It is so hard for me and I sit there and wonder what could have been in my head. I know it was the right decision but in my heart I'm breaking inside. I understand fully what these ladies go through I got forced to have the abortion, by my last partner and it was the operation rather than the pill. I wasn't right for a year or so. I understand that I was old enough to have sex but I know in my hearts or hearts that I was not a suitable mother for that baby as I was to young and I was in no stable situation. So for all those that judge go through it yourself and you may realize how we feel afterwards !!!!

  • Angry Blonde by Angry Blonde
  • 1 year ago

I think I know how you feel. I was forced to have a surgical abortion by the baby's father. He made me believe there was no way out of it. I did what I thought was best, even though deep down, I always wanted that baby. I miss my baby. This was 4 months ago. I should've been stronger. I should've died on the operating table.

  • Amie by Amie
  • 8 years ago

I became pregnant at 16, and fortunately I was lucky enough to have a partner who wanted to support me and is still a fantastic partner and father 4 years on. I love my daughter very much!.
People like "PROUD mommy" can keep their opinions to themselves. They don't know what it is like to be young and alone in todays world. I hope everyone knows that and doesn't feel worse than they already do for what that person said. I do hate the idea of abortion, but my opinion and feelings shouldn't be pushed on to others. I hope you someday find some peace in your hearts.

  • Cassandra by Cassandra
  • 8 years ago

Kira I know what your going through, I just went through it 2 weeks ago today and it was the hardest choice I ever had to make. I sit back and thing about what my child would have looked like and if it would have been a girl or a boy. The day I went in for my abortion I was scared and worried, but I kept thinking that its not the right time to have a baby right now I have college coming up and I broke things off with my fiancé. I already have an almost 4 year old daughter who I love very much. after my abortion I almost felt relieved that it was all over now but now two weeks later I'm struggling with what I have done....should I have kept my baby and done it on my own. I just hope I will be forgiven when I see my baby.

  • lisa by lisa
  • 10 years ago

I really and truly understand how you felt. I've been there, it's been a year now and I still can't get over the fact that I had an abortion. But I did what was best for now. I asked god for forgiveness and I will continue doing so..

  • jacquelyn by jacquelyn
  • 10 years ago

If you are old enough to lay down with a man, grow up and take responsibility for your actions. If you don't want to raise YOUR flesh and blood, give her away. There are other options besides murder. And I don't know where you got your information, but I saw my child heart beat at 10 weeks. If something has a heartbeat, it is obviously alive. What about the "rights" of your un-born child?

  • Kiyla by Kiyla
  • 10 years ago

It felt like we were together forever but those four months ended so sudden.
I didn't want to lose my baby but I was helpless in that fight. I was the only one that wanted it and I wasn't capable of doing it on my own. 16 years old and no job. As I go through this alone I see everyone just live their life and like nothing is going on, it hurts when you're in it alone. I didn't want to see my baby outside of me dead but when the procedure was over I sat up to soon and saw the worst thing in my life. My child dismembered in a f***ing jar. I wanted to hear my babies heart beat, feel its little hands across my cheek, and for the first time see its smile that would make my life complete. I loved my baby with all my heart and that will never change, but as I look back I should've took a chance.

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