Abuse Poem by Teens

Abuse From Step Father

It's about my step dad abusing me and my bro

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The Vicious Circle

© Becky more by Becky

Published on June 2008

This circle,
It's vicious,
Never stopping,
The fights,
Caused by you,
Are flowing,
And flowing,
A punch,
Then another,
Then another,
Then a punch,
Again and again,
Never stopping,
A blur now,
In the shower,
Water is red,
Just think,
Just think,
You're hurting my head,
I can't figure this out,
How is it fair?
Sherlock Holmes himself,
Would be startled to find,
That you seem to be fine,
Then you punch,
You hit,
You jeer,
You shout,
I can't figure this out,
I just know,
We're going round and round,
This vicious circle,

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