Break Up Poem

A poem I wrote to let a girl know that she broke my heart.

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Published: May 2011

You left me here thinking,
will I ever be ok?
Or will my heart keep breaking,
to pieces everyday?
I tried to be there for you,
but you kept pushing me away.
I don't know what to tell you,
at the end of every day.
So go on and leave me behind,
i don't need you anymore.
I'm better off alone,
I'll be able to sleep now that you're gone.
Don't ever come to my door,
telling me you want me back.
Because all I'm going to tell you,
is to hit the road and don't turn back.
You caused my heart misery,
I can't deal with all the pain.
I wonder if anybody would miss me,
if I put a bullet in my brain.
God won't be the person,
whom I see when I die,
It will be Satan,
in his world of twisted lies.
So leave me here to rot,
in the fiery pits of hell.
And one day you'll be walking in the darkness,
and death will be ringing his bell.



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