Relationship Poem by Teens

Poem About Guy Not Sticking Around

He was everything to me, and all I wanted was for him to feel the same. In the end...he didn't care whether he hurt me or not because either way he wasn't planning on sticking around.

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Another Player Of The Game

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Published: October 2015

If I screamed would you see me
If I flicked my hair
What can I do
To make you care

You're the one I want
Why can't you see me
I want you to notice
Just how much you need me

I wanted more
You want to be friends
I guess that's where
My love story ends

The first time we kissed
Was under the sky
A blanket of velvet
Up so high

Everything was perfect
It felt so right
I had the time of my life
That magical night

You led me on
Saying you wanted more
That we should take it slow
I said for sure

That didn't happen
And next thing I know
We're lying together
Clothes on the floor

I thought to myself
It didn't matter
This guy is sweet
It couldn't be better

By pleasing him
I'll be pleasing myself
For in the long run
It'll all pay off

The morning came quick
But it was all the same
I was hoping to myself
This wasn't a game

I thought to myself
This guy's the one
He's stuck around
He hasn't run

I talked too soon
And later that night
He has me thinking
This isn't right

After everything
He wants to be friends
He gets what he wants
And then he just leaves

Another player
Of the game
Another guy
Who's just the same

I must admit
He was rather blunt
To him it's done
He's played his stunt

Why don't guys see
How it hurts inside
To be used then ditched
Like some circus ride

This girl has feelings
She feels she can't share
Why would she bother
You don't even care



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