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Not so long ago I had become stuck in mundane existence. With a growing indifference to everything in life, I became dangerously close to settling for a life without meaning or creativity. Then I witnessed the rare day the princess ants take flight, suddenly I saw sparks and found comfort as I watched... I awoke.

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Ant Flying Day


Published: March 2013

With unlocked eyes
and finally sure of her status,
she scrambles alongside the ones,
who've spent their days waiting
for this nuptial flight,
for this self excavation,
for the weather conditions to finally
land on their side.

Standing shoulder to shoulder.
On tiptoes, with feelers pointed to the sky.
All the while, not realizing that this could be,
the most important day
of their little lives.

She has two crooked wings on which
you'll find the occasional chip.
It's OK, because she barely even notices,
for when in flight there's no time given
for remembering these things.

Who would have thought that in her moment
she'd be seeing all she's seeing
with the one she thought about?
As for us, they're becoming quite the problem
but if you look a little closer,
listen underneath the chattering.
you will notice what I've noticed
this time round;

They have successfully found
everything they needed,
while we were stumbling around.

huddled together at the days end,
Praying for a kind of warmth that only
we can provide on this ant flying day.

May she be wished the happiest of ant flying days.


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