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Asking Jesus to save her from a bad situation.

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Hi there I hope you have gathered enough strength to be able to see another day, saying I am sorry to you would not make any difference now. I admire your courage to share such a heart...

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Dear Mr. Jesus


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008

It looks like I will see you soon!
Mommy and Daddy are arguing.

It started around June!
Mommy hit me, when Daddy drove away!

I went upstairs and hugged Mr. Fluffy
And I prayed that everything is okay!

Daddy came back,
while Mommy was not there!

He grabbed me by my wrists!
and took my teddy bear!

I saw him tear off Mr. Fluffy's head!
Then he took off his belt and whipped me!

But nothing could be said!
Daddy hit me, when Mommy walked through the door

I though she would stop him!
But she added more!

Mommy was drunk
and Daddy was high!

Mommy burnt me with her cigarette
and yelled at Daddy goodbye!

My eyes were black,
and my stomach was bruised!

I had 3 broken ribs
and a loose tooth!

I stopped going to school
cause I didn't want to explain

that my parents are so cruel
and why I am going insane!

I can't move my body,
cause Daddy stabbed me in my spine!

I would rather be dead!
then live this life of mine!

So..Dear Mr. Jesus!
I will be with you tonight!

I do love my Family!
But I cannot win this fight!

I know you will take care of me!
As my spirit lifts away!

and when I see you
everything will be okay!

I know I will be loved more up there!
Because Mommy and Daddy hated me!

and you have more love to share!

The only thing they loved,
was hurting me!

They don't care about my heath,
cause all I ate was dirt!

So Mr. Jesus!
I cant wait to see you!

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  • Rustenburg by Rustenburg
  • 8 years ago

Hi there
I hope you have gathered enough strength to be able to see another day, saying I am sorry to you would not make any difference now. I admire your courage to share such a heart breaking life story especially since the two people who gave you life also took away your well deserved happiness and love. I am in fact proud of you. You raised your voice You shouted the truth You have made it. Most of the people are afraid to talk, they are ashamed and embarrassed, you have broken the chain of silence, helped others and I hope you have helped yourself in the process. I am not one to give advice on such issues Yes I have had my share of being beaten up by my boyfriend "a stranger in my life" So I would suggest that you Free Yourself from your parents and that should be by forgiving them for their Sins. Every day has its own story and I feel so sorry for your parents because they just don't realize what a fighter and a winner of their child they have raised. You are Strong! Stay Strong.

  • South Africa by South Africa
  • 9 years ago

This poem really brought tears to my eyes, especially at this time where rapes and murders of children are common. No child should go through this. Excellent poem

  • Ndabezinhle Mahaye Mandeni by Ndabezinhle Mahaye Mandeni
  • 9 years ago

Wow that was a very touching poem. it made feel like crying. I cannot imagine parents who could hate their children so much. I pray that we advocate against any abuse of our children. we should stand together and say "No" to the abuse of little children. To you my poor little one I want to say we love you much and Jesus will give strength to pull through. Never give up on life I am sure Jesus wants you to be the voice of the voiceless. Love you so much God Bless you

  • Olichka by Olichka
  • 10 years ago

This is so touching! I cant imagine my parents doing something like that to me. I know that JESUS does have extra spaces for children that have had a life like yours! GOD Bless!

  • Margaret by Margaret
  • 10 years ago

This poem has really touched me that parents could actually hurt a child like that and that the child has to turn to Jesus for help..no child should have to suffer at the hands of their parents..it makes me sad to hear about these children being abused just like the animals.

  • Karen. Lossiemouth Moray by Karen. Lossiemouth Moray
  • 10 years ago

I pray with all my heart that you are ok. I learner tonight at the prayer meeting at my church that no matter what trials we go through that GOD NEVER ABANDONS US. Please hold on to that. Take Care x

  • Crystal Harlingen by Crystal Harlingen
  • 12 years ago

Omg that's so sad I can't imagine my parents doing something like that! Well you're a good writer and make good poems I hope it all gets better

  • Jessica Martin by Jessica Martin Poet
  • 14 years ago

OMG, I really like this poem, it means so much.. it makes me sad that someone would have to turn to Jesus to save there life, when they have to give up in the end.

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