Fall Poem

Walking alone in the autumn, waiting for the coming of winter that reminds the author of someone special.

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Autumn Abstraction


Published: February 2006

I walk alone in these windy streets
dead leaves sweep across my sneakers
disappear into the hue of pumpkin and wheat
my skin reveals the heat is getting weaker
welcome goose bumps for the second time
small sparks that trigger gloom
sun come back , don't commit this crime
the sting of a quick transition looms
but I can't help it when I look around
and vanilla skies reach out like wings of a dove
and small pieces of nature cover the ground
what it all reminds me of

the veins of a maple leaf reaching out
hugs that tell me all I need to know
rain the falls without a doubt
crying for me , when all my happiness goes
winds carry leaves away
keeping me and trouble far apart
falling into fall in this day
reminds me how you have my heart

my destination isn't quite clear
bitter feelings all subside
lost in the sounds of what I hear
wind, autumn's lovely bride
walking forever in a season
the sun has come and left
I don't really know the reason
but I no longer feel bereft
white flakes will come after this is done
I've left behind sun yellow and sky blue
still this season is the only one
that will always remind me of you



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