Husband Death Poem

Losing Husband On 9/11

This is a tragic ballad written in memory of 9/11.

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Ballad Of Twin Towers


Published: September 2017

That morning we woke up,
Like any other day.
We brushed our teeth, I brushed my hair.
Nothing new to say.

He said "Goodbye, I'm going to work,"
While I stayed at home.
I took the kids to school
And heard a ring on my phone.

I picked up my cell,
Holding my coffee cup.
It was my sister Stacey.
She said, "Turn the radio up."

When I got home
They were waiting at the door.
They called me over.
My eyes started to pour.

This morning I wake up
With no one in the bed.
I wish my husband were here,
But he can't come back from the dead.


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