Betrayed Friend Poem

Poem About Money Being Put Above Friendship

A friend of 7 years, who later became my business partner, betrayed my trust when he ran away with $6 K of our first month's profit. It breaks my heart that he would rather choose money over our friendship. Nevertheless, he's been long forgiven. I just hope his conscience won't kill him someday.

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Betrayal, Paid In Cash

© Faizguybustamente

Published on October 2008

Our Friendship.
Listen to your heart,
tell me you've made a mistake.
Listen to mine,
and you'll hear it crying.
I can't contain the disappointment I feel.
Screw it,
I forgive you.
You can keep the money,
but remember,
you will always be known as That Person.
That Person who traded a friend's trust for a stack of bills.
You may think nothing of it now,
perhaps only when you're older.
And when your dormant conscience finally kicks in,
and the feeling of guilt creeps through your soul,
I might no longer be here,
to make you feel any better.



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