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It shouldn't hurt to be a child. 7 simple words that mean more than anyone can ever imagine unless they have personally felt the heartache and pain that child abuse brings. Myself, I cannot imagine because I have not felt it, but I have witnessed it. I've seen the tears, the pain, the anger, the betrayal...everything...it's something I'll never forget. I wrote this poem so more people will realize that abuse is there, even if they can't see it.

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That poem very much ought to be published. Very heart wrenching. I am 53 yrs old. A man from a very abusive father. But I have 2 daughters and never ever laid a hand on either of them. ...

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Black And Blue


Published: April 2011

Sitting alone under the night sky so black,
Nobody knows what she's holding back,
Pulling her sleeves past the black and blue,
Once these bruises fade they'll come back anew.

Looking up at the stars so high,
Sometimes she wishes she could melt into the sky,
Out of her eye drops a single tear,
As she realizes she has to face her worst fear.

At the thought of home she shutters,
And a prayer for help she mutters,
Her angry father's face shakes in her head,
And her broken heart fills with dread.

The front door creaks as she steps inside,
Jumping over beer bottles she runs to hide,
Sliding under her bed she tries not to make a sound,
Too late: the floor creaks as she touches the ground.

She tries to hold back the tears, he hits her harder when she cries,
But they slip out as the heavy steps get closer, she's terrified,
The door slams open, the pain is about to come,
Her dad's clothes smell like smoke and rum.

He lifts her up by a chunk of her hair,
Taking the first punch he begins to swear,
She cries for help, but it's to late,
He won't stop till he's got out all the hate.

A daily routine, but tonight it's not the same,
Tonight the end of the beating never came,
A few hours later the ambulance arrives,
Her life is over at the age of 5.

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  • Joe Brannon by Joe Brannon, Virginia Beach VA
  • 8 years ago

That poem very much ought to be published. Very heart wrenching. I am 53 yrs old. A man from a very abusive father. But I have 2 daughters and never ever laid a hand on either of them. Still crying.

  • Iga Mielczarek by Iga Mielczarek, Mullingar
  • 8 years ago

First 2 paragraphs I did not understand what is going on, then on the third one I realize she is scared of her father, then on the 4th my eyes Begin to water my heart starts to hurt from sadness, then on the 5th one I'm just crying and crying... all day long.. nothing funny makes me laugh nothing happy makes me smile... all day long my eyes produce tears.. all day long I make not a smile...just sadness sadness in my face you can only see...

  • Timothy O. by Timothy O.
  • 8 years ago

What a poem. "At the age of 5." Too bad. Too sad. This poem made me wonder and ponder with madness at the devilish nature of some fathers in manifestation. And further, of what a babe of five could have done or undone to deserve such traumatic predicament resulting in a journey of soul. God knows best. It's a poem for thought in depth and in debt. The debt we owe to one another, the debt we owe to our loved ones, the debt we owe to our children, and every child, kid, baby or infant, or rather, the helpless, to be our brothers and sister's keeper, to treat every life as we so desire to be treated or loved and to respect the feelings, rights and emotions of all. In the final analysis, I must not fail to say that such brutal fathers or men out there should end up in jail with an adequate years in sentence to purge them of their lunacy.

  • Lisa Brewer; Brazil by Lisa Brewer; Brazil
  • 9 years ago

I had to choose a poem to read to my class as an oral, by the end I had everyone in tears, even boys, this got me really good marks xxx Lisa

  • Shelby by Shelby, NC
  • 9 years ago

This poem is beautiful and horrible at the same time... I can't stop crying...

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