Broken Friendship Poem

Friends for the wrong reasons

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Published: February 2006

I regret not letting myself
Break through enough in 5th grade.
Why did I stay with her when she treated
me so badly?
I felt like I was trapped in a jail cell
and couldn't break the rusty chamber door.
Why did I stay when I could had have fun with other lonesome people?
Instead I stayed with the head lion.
I was afraid to break the branch.
Afraid of the movements I made.
Why did I stay?
I was the baby cub who was new to this type of nature.
Being locked in a room and not being able to run free.
I felt forced. Forced to stay in one spot.
Every day playing the same activity she wanted to play.
I have an opportunity to be free and stretch my tired wings.
I feel strong and actually feel like I have a chance to be me.
I know now that to be myself.
Now, this is my chance to break through.



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