Brother Poem

Brother With Cerebral Palsy

For my brother. He had cerebral palsy. He's been gone for almost a year now

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wow. Very touching poem My brother is 34 and has cerebral palsy.

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You Meant So Much


Published: May 2008

from the moment you were born
you knew it was going to be a rough road
you never stopped fighting
you never gave up

you never got to walk
or even got to talk
but i'm sure if you did
you would never stop

why did u have to have this disease
where all your could do is lay there
for when i was growing up
all i wanted was for us to play

over the years of your life
youve had to battle sickness
every year you went the the hospital
and it drained so much out

mom and dad did all they could
and i hope you know that
but with your condition
they couldn't do much

i wish though i could take back time
go back the day you died
so i could of been with you

i'm sorry i wasnt there
i was at a friends house
and when dad went looking for me
i wasnt there

it was my fault dad and Matt couldn't say goodbye
and for that i'm truly sorry
because now i feel so bad
so i feel like dying

but for your sake i keep fighting
because you showed be how to be strong
and i dont want to disappoint you
so i'll keep on going



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  • by Ricky
  • 6 years ago

Very touching poem
My brother is 34 and has cerebral palsy.

  • by liv
  • 9 years ago

my little brother and I were six years apart and he also had CP. He did talk, and walk eventually however when he was seven and I was 12, I was looking after him while our parents went to my parent teacher interviews. he died on the kitchen floor in front of me. I feel the same guilt that no one else got to say goodbye. I didn't take the time to say goodbye either - I ran to a neighbors in panic, rather than calling an ambulance immediately.
thanks you for writing this poem - everything feels the same. :'(

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