Bullying Poem

Brutally Bullied

One day while at school I was brutally bullied by everyone in my class, and the teacher never even tried to step in and give me a chance! Although, I was use to this, because I was bullied all my life, I was never prepared for what was thrown at me by my classmates. So I went and wrote a poem about how I felt that day and every other!

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Tortured Soul


Published: November 2011

Sadness falls across the land.
I try to run from it
But I just can't get away.
This darkness has swallowed me,
And now I am trapped in a sad world,
Of jokes about everything of mine,
Even my family.
No one will give me a chance in this world,
My heart becomes black with other people's hatred,
And as I keep getting knocked down,
Now one is there to help me up.
All people do is kick me while I am down.
Happiness is now fleeing and I feel all hope is gone.
I still think I can push on,
But I still have my doubts.
I think that maybe the summer can bring me happiness,
But that idea has been shot down.
Now what do I do?
I have nowhere to hide from this hatred,
And I feel if I can get through this,
I can make a name for myself,
But there is still no hope
For a tortured soul like me.


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