Bullying Poem

Bullying By A Friend

It's about bullying and showing you what someone's life can be like...

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Why Me?


Published: June 2007

I used to think what did I do
to deserve this and get bullied by you?
I thought you were my friend, but I thought wrong.
I used to sit alone all day long.
Why did you turn on me and go on their side?
Remember it was you, not me that lied,
but you blamed it on me and said it was my fault,
so then for you I never told an adult.
I went to tennis club after school.
Then you came up to me and took my ball.
I asked for it back, but you just laughed.
You looked at me as if I was daft.
After it finished, I walked along the street.
Then you jumped out and said yet again we meet.
You hit me and slapped me and threw me around.
I hit a wall and fell to the ground
After all that you walked away
Please God, don't let me remember that day...

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