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The devastation of beast cancer

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Cancer Of The Breast, From East And West


Published: January 2008

Cancer, cancer, what is the answer to this deadly disease?
It kills, destroys cells piece by piece.
It's an unfair war, why must people suffer? When will cancer cease?
It strikes anyone and can't set ourselves at ease.

Cancer of the breast, from east and west;
it seems Pandora's box is making a big mess.
Hearing cancer gives the feeling of hopelessness;
how will women survive from this acid test?

Benign or malignant or none it's what women fear;
better have a mammography every other year.
For breast cancer is striking and is coming near;
if you have it, then say your prayers my dear.

Feel your breast for some humps or lumps,
lumps small or big as mumps.
Cancer is so powerful-it can kill.
But who is more powerful than God?-who can heal.



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