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Poem About Traveling To Vacation

My husband and I have four children and recently bought a touring caravan as a way to cheapen our holidays. My eldest daughter had to write a poem about the holidays that would make her teacher laugh. I have written a few poems in the past for friends and family and came up with this one. Hope you like it.

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Caravan Holiday


Published: November 2010

"Are we there yet?" I asked my Dad as we towed the caravan.
"Not just yet," he replied... he was driving like my Nan.
You see, it's a slow job towing this thing
stuck behind the car,
we've been travelling for quite a bit and haven't got very far.
I've tried looking out the window and counting all the sheep,
and if I look hard enough, I might even see Bo-Peep.
I'll go on my DS, I think, to try and pass the time,
or I could try and think of a few more lines for my teacher's rhyme.
I think my Mum has nodded off as she gives a little snore,
it's a wonder she is comfortable with her face pressed to the door.
"Not far now," my dad pipes up, which gives my mum a jolt.
You'd think that she had just been struck my a massive lightening bolt.
I like this song, I say to myself as it plays on the radio,
although I can't remember the singer's name, oh yes, it's by Ne-Yo.
I wonder what we'll do all week and what the weather will be.
Perhaps we'll play on the amusements and paddle in the sea.
Yet suddenly here we are at the caravan park, watch out everyone, here we come.
"The Watsons" will make their mark!


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