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I wrote this poem to express my feelings of how fast things have changed lately. Earlier in the year I was cutting and then found a better way to express my feelings...writing poems. I have written many poems and want to see how this does before I post anymore. So here ya go...

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I'm so glad I could help you (: <3

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Change No More


Published: July 2011

A happy little baby
In mommy's comforting arms
Sleeping sound and peaceful
Until the day is gone
Next thing you know
I'm all grown
Riding a bike all on my own
Going to school
Making friends
Falling in love...
Parents divorced
Moving away
Heart broken
Things are changing
I want it to be...
Like it used to be
Not crying all the time...
Now I wake up to find
Marks on my arms
They burn
But the pain is gone
My eyes fill with tears
As I scream
I don't want this pain
I don't want this change
Why can't it all be over?
No more hurt...
No more pain...


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  • Blythe Carman by Blythe Carman Poet
  • 7 years ago

I'm so glad I could help you (: <3

  • Kileyblissykupcake by Kileyblissykupcake, Lalaland
  • 9 years ago

Thank you so much for writing this,, it made me feel like I'm not alone for once

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