Abuse Poem

Child Abuse

A child "wishing he didn't have to go home".

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Published: January 2008

A heart of ice,
A story so sad,
A beaten child,
Forced into rags.
Skin like winter,
Burningly numb,
Chilled to the core,
Never been touched,
By what we know,
As love.
Never taken root,
That's why he's so cold,
No hope,
No love,
No dreams,
No will,
Empty canvas,
Empty is this boys life,
But full of things one cannot imagine.
Full of hatred,
Full of regret,
The pain is brimming over the top.
Why is it his father will never stop,
Would you notice,
Would you care,
Would you even dare to stare,
To look this boy in the eye,
And tell him,
He should just die?
That's the truth,
He's better off dead,
He's scarred for life,
His soul you cannot mend.
Heart broken,
And full of hate,
Desperate to escape from this place.
Sadly this boy just stays alone,
Always wishing he didn't have to go home.

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