Abuse Poem

Child Adopted Raised By Abusive Parents

It can never be easy to overcome a painful past, it is always on ongoing journey.

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When He Was Born

© more by Paula Lahey

Published: November 2007

When he was born,
Away he was given.
With the promises of a better life,
That he would be liven.

His real mom just wanted
More for her baby
She hoped when he was grown,
His forgiveness she would have... maybe.

For the child so innocent, life then began
Promises made, had turned to a dream,
His real mom was lied to,
So it would seem.

For the second mom was cruel,
And the child just paid
She was an alcoholic,
and for that child, misery was made.

The new dad tried,
but an alcoholic he was too,
His strength to fight the mom,
he just could not find or do.

By the time he was two,
he was running the street
The fact he survived,
Was an amazing feat.

With the parents passed out,
And no real direction
How could this child learn,
His actions needed correction.

To hide her weakness,
When school started
The cruel mother told tales
But her words were fainthearted.

She lied to them all
Said it was developmental
She had him locked up
But really... it was parental.

With no nurturing,                     
real love or guidance,
The years gave way
to absolute defiance.

Soon he was a teen,
His actions were reckless
For him thoughts of consequences
Were completely pointless.

As time passed
the child turned to man,
But with his actions
Others just didn't understand.

He still continued
With feelings of defiance
He couldn't explain
Why there wasn't compliance.

What was his problem?
Even he didn't know.
But the problems had started
A long time ago.

The problem went back to
When they were drinking
God only knows
What his parents were thinking.

They failed to teach him
How to cope with life
Which led him to deal with
Enormous strife.

People in his life
All came and went
Leaving him with feelings
Of anger... and discontent.

Shut them all out
This was his answer
To ignore his problems
Would be his anticancer.

With this thought
A wall he would build
To protect himself was the plan
Still he was unfulfilled.

He buried his head
And focused on racing.
One glory of winning
Was what he was chasing

Then finally in his life 
A special woman entered
With patience and kindness
His life became centered.

She helped with his problems
And led by example
Life was better
The improvements were ample

Years passed so quickly
He made her his Mrs.
She filled his life
With hugs...and kisses.

Some problems remain
That still need correction
But with time they'll be dealt
With love...and affection.

more by Paula Lahey

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