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Clean Of Love


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2011 with permission of the author.

My time with you I thought was a wonderful new experience
After all you were the second I ever loved
You knew all the right things to say and do to make me smile
Without you around it drove me insane
I begin thinking if you had found new girl or forgot about me
But you weren't gone to too long
So my body and mind began to relax...
You were my drug.

Were..its funny right?

Happiness was all I can see in my mind
My friends thought differently
We would have our little dumb breakups
And they would say girl do not go back to him
Me, knowing deep down I had to, would okay
But there we was again two days later...
You were my drug.

See in elementary it was all about cooties and what not
With you and me it was different
Or at least I thought so until years went by
And we began to grow up..not in height but maturely also
Now I started to see all the errors in between
All the hurtful words you said to me between breakups
Like you didn't care or you had a back up
I was a fool for you but when it came down to it...
You were my drug.

Closing the door was the most painful thing I had to do
I would cry, I would laugh it off, I would try to move on
But I needed you so bad, my heart would hurt
I would check to see if you sent me a text
Or ask your friends if you said anything about me
You chose a kid over a lady, less over more
You were my first but I wasn't your only
I let your words control me so I guess...
You were my drug.

Now I'm taking no more second chances
Because I'm stronger than I use to be
And how do I know this
We had our five years together
But sweetie I'm sixteen and eleven years by myself
Was nothing to me so I can make
I'm free until I'm ready to open the door to my heart again
No longer will it be you but my husband,
My king, my key, my best friend
You were my drug
Until I checked into rehab
Now every time someone mention your name
I say who? because since we are not as one
Anymore and there isn't a reason to re-open my past
I had to erased every ounce of you
I'm Free At Last!


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