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Poem About Soothing Myself To Sleep

I am a senior, and in a creative writing class we learn how to publish our poetry. I wrote this poem one night when I could not fall asleep. Some nights I read this poem to help me go to sleep.

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Counting Sheep


Published: August 2016

If my internal clock could speak,
it would beg me to sleep.
It would ask me to turn off the world and rest.

Shut the eyes that drag you
into reality and leave you there,
the eyes that see far too much
before they even have time to focus.

Plug the ears that let in the voices
and sentences that keep you awake
because they are continuously running
through your brain at night,
daring to consume the image
you have of yourself and the world.

Close the mouth that stumbles,
the mouth that hesitates to say what you want
at the time you need it to.
The mouth that causes regret
that pulses through your entire body
like tiny ants beneath your skin.

Turn loose of the memories,
all of them.

Shed the layers that have built up
upon your body,
and let them fall to the floor
like satin in slow motion.

Leave every person you've ever known behind you.
Leave them in the black
where all your memories have gone.

Then lay in your bed
and forget the feeling of your body.
Float in the nothingness and whiteness of clarity.
For then you may find rest.


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