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Cousin Committed Suicide

Lost my cousin he had committed suicide!

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Good for you! My fiancé killed herself because I told a stupid lie.

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Just Wondering WHY?


Published: December 2011

I keep asking the question Why?,
Why did you leave me, and why did you go,
just a few weeks before,
you were outside my house laughing and having a good time,
and then I got the news that you ended your life,
I just couldn't believe it, you seemed so happy,
like nothing could be wrong,
I pured into tears, it felt like the world came to a stop,
everything turned quiet, and my heart felt out of place,
I just can't believe you are gone forever,
banned from my life,
now I cry myself asleep, just wondering WHY?"


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  • Bobbie-Jean Rodriguez by Bobbie-Jean Rodriguez, Utah
  • 7 years ago

I lost my best friend to suicide yesterday... if only I would've known, he would be here today. I have to recite a poem in my creative writing class at school. I had already memorized a poem to recite, but then when I got the news that my best friend committed suicide I immediately started looking for poems about stopping suicide. Now in memory of my best friend I am going to recite this poem in my class.

  • Black Widdow by Black Widdow, manchester
  • 5 years ago

Good for you! My fiancé killed herself because I told a stupid lie.

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