Father Child Poem

A girl thanks her Dad for being there for her. She is compassionate for the rough life that he has led, and thanks him for their special relationship.

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Dad, Thanks For Being Here


Published: February 2006

I am not daddy's little girl anymore,
It is not the same as before.
When I was a little girl,
I was your shinning pearl.
We used to do everything together,
It was like a bird with its feather.
Going to the Del Mar fair,
You winning me a big stuffed bear.
Going on road trips,
You giving me volleyball tips.
You never missed a practice or a game,
I could always hear you call my name.
I remember going to jobs,
And you peeling my corn on the cobs.
I know you give me tender love and care,
And I remember playing with your hair.
I remember falling asleep in your lap,
And I know you put up with a lot of crap.
I know you had a bad childhood,
And if I could take it back, I would.
I know you don't know your mom or dad,
And I know inside it makes you really sad.
I know it hurts you inside,
And you don't need to hide.
You don't need to hide how you are dying inside,
Because in me you can confide.
I know you were sent around,
And that made you feel down.
I know you got returned because you didn't fit in,
I wish I knew how hard that must have been.
I know you grew up with not that much,
You just wanted to feel a loving touch.
I know you worked your very best,
And then your adopted mother was laid to rest.
That was one of the only ladies in your life,
Except your loving wife.
Why did your mom have to die,
That brings a tear to my eye.
I know you worked so hard to get where you are,
And I know that you got this far.
I know some days you didn't get to eat a meal,
I wish I could tell you I know the pain you feel.
I can't because you were always here,
You always the one to care.
You never gave up on me,
Which makes me so happy.
I just want to thank you,
For everything you do.
I appreciate you so much,
You are like my crutch.
You are there to pick when I fall,
And if I need you too call.
You are my superman,
And I'm your number one fan.
Thank you for believing in me,
And helping me too see.
I can do it,
If I just put my mind to


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