Divorce Poem

Poem About Dad Coming Back Into Daughter's Life

A father ending his bad relationship with his wife results in him finally have a good relationship with his daughter.

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Daddy Walked Out


Published: February 2006

The day Daddy walked out
Was the day I stopping feeling
I doubt he loves me
I'm just someone he didn't see

At the door his bags were packed
He gave me a hug
And said he was never coming back

I was 9 years old
The day Daddy walked out
I stopped counting on him
My outlook was grim

The day Daddy walked out
It was a dark, snowy winter's night
The fighting had stopped
And there were no more cops.

Mommy was frozen
She sat there holding a cup of coffee
Looking at her wedding ring
Saying nothing to me

Next morning I woke up
And I thought it was a joke
But it wasn't

Everyone dear to me wasn't near
My mommy locked herself in her room
I can hear a big BOOM as I drew near
She was throwing her wedding pictures away
She wanted no more memory of that day

As I walked downstairs to get some tea
I found a gift addressed to me
It was my Daddy

The day Daddy walked out was the day he came back in my life
Even though he wasn't getting back with mommy
It felt right
Just being there meant a lot

I see him more now than ever
He is a lot better
He made a vow to never leave again
And I believe him

My Daddy is here
To love and protect me
My fears are gone
I am now strong

I am glad it happened
I learned a lot about myself
The day Daddy walked out.



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