Crying Poem

Poem About Hurt By Father

A girl writes about how her Dad did something wrong.

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Very bad. The relation between Father and daughter is too sacred.

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Published: August 2009

I cry so much now
I hate feeling so bad
Daddy, how could you
I hate being so mad

I trusted you, Daddy
Now look you made me cry
I hate you Daddy
Now I'm saying goodbye

Go on with your life
Like you've done for so long
I used to love you,
But what you did was wrong


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  • Amit Das by Amit Das
  • 5 years ago

Very bad. The relation between Father and daughter is too sacred.

  • 7 years ago

Your stories were always the same, perfectly timed and they drove me insane. I always knew that one day it would be you, laying in the bed with some woman I never knew. You see, she is not the one to be blamed, when you lied and cheat, and chose to remain the same. It's not your fault, you are who you are, I refused to see it right from the start.

  • Haley by Haley
  • 9 years ago

Oh my goodness, this is such a touching poem!!
Touched my heart and made me cry, I am sorry that you were failed and I hope that your life gets better and you are filled with happiness!

  • Justice by Justice
  • 10 years ago

This poem is under the right subject because it made me cry but then again I get mentally abused by my dad so I wish I could give him this poem

  • Samantha by Samantha
  • 12 years ago

Forgotten like always, just the one I thought wouldn't forget about me but I guess you have, I thought you loved me but I guess wrong, I thought you would come soon but looks like all that can go away, I still love you daddy, I pray for you still even though you probably forgot me, I pray that one day you can come and hug me tell me you love me and say you haven't forgotten me, I love you Daddy

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